Mar­kus Mus­ta­jär­vi

Markus Mustajärvi

Electoral district: Lappland


Phone: 09 432 3133, 050 5113 133

Markus Mustajärvi (1963) has been a Member of Parliament since 2003. He is from Savukoski and is a Master of Political Science by training. 

I think Finland needs hope for a better future. Hope in that fact that we will be able to keep the globe inhabited and that material wealth will be distributed and divided more equally in Finland, Europe and the world. 

The Left Alliance is my party because I am one of its founding members and it has not been spoiled to the extent that I would have had to look for alternative options. 

In politics, you get the best results when you read up on and study the basics, act consecutively and listen also to those who think differently.  

Memberships in committees and other tasks 

  • Defence Committee
  • Intelligence Supervision Committee
  • Foreign Affairs Committee (deputy member)
  • Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council (deputy member)


Parliamentary assistant Taneli Hämäläinen
Telephone. 050 574 1357


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