Tar­get pro­gram­me 2016–2019

The Left Alliance wants to put a high value on honest labour and root out the grey economy. A decent wage and good working conditions belong to all – to workers, small entrepreneurs and the self-employed, to people in fixed-term as well as in regular work contracts.

People have to have a living even when they are studying, have a pension, are ill or unemployed. Basic security is needed for this.

Tax revenue is needed but it should not be collected through raising indirect taxes such as that on real estate or the VAT. Progressive taxation is a fair way to make the prosperity stretch to everyone.

Good quality education, health care, caring and culture belong equally to all. In order to safeguard services the Left Alliance proposes that capital income and income from dividends should also be progressively taxed, that the property tax be brought back, that nuclear power plants have a fuel tax and that there is a tax on stock exchange transactions.

The climate change alters people’s living conditions. We support actions that limit greenhouse gas emissions. We support the regulation of world trade so that people and the nature will be protected. It is possible to eradicate poverty in all the world – that depends on political decisions.

Many decisions are made in the EU these days. Finland must be active there too and work to put a stop to the dumping of taxes, working conditions and the protection of the environment. We support a Europe that is tolerant and appreciates cultural diversity.

Read the whole target programme 2016–2019 (PDF)