Our goal is to reverse the growth of inequality in Finland and to battle climate change in a socially just and fair manner. To achieve this we need your help. By donating to Left Alliance You will help us run a general election campaign towards a more equal, environmentally sustainable country.

Your donation is important:

5 €

We can run ads of our campaign for equal Finland online for 1000 people.

15 €

We can distribute 400 campaign print magazines around the country.

150 €

We can organize a campaign event, for equal Finland.

Be a monthly endorser?

Would You like to donate a certain amount monthly? Pick your amount and adjust your transaction as per month in your online bank. The Left Alliance account info: IBAN: FI35 5541 2820 0256 67; BIC/SWIFT: OKOYFIHH, reference number 1724 .

Thank You for your contribution. You’ll be with us building an equal nation now and in the future.

The Left Alliance fundraising permit: RA/2018/934.