Mai Ki­ve­lä

Mai Kivelä

Electoral district: Helsinki


Tel.: (09) 432 3096

Mai Kivelä (1982) is an environmental activist, Member of Parliament and City Councillor from Helsinki.

I think Finland needs socially just environmental policies. Finland could become the first carbon neutral welfare state, where new jobs are created with actions curtailing climate change. We need a Green Deal for Finland. 

The Left Alliance is my party because the environment dictates to us what we can do and it is within this framework that we have to organise society in a just manner. 

The Left is my party because it combines questions relating to human rights, the environment and climate in the best possible way. Furthermore, improving the rights of animals is very important for the left. 

In politics you get the best results when you are bold and work together. You also have to read up on things and be prepared to work a lot.


  • Commerce Committee
  • Environment Committee

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