Ve­ro­ni­ka Hon­ka­sa­lo

Veronika Honkasalo

Electoral district: Helsingfors


Telephone: (09) 432 3037

Veronika Honkasalo, born in 1975, is a Member of Parliament, youth researcher and City Councillor from Helsinki.

I think Finland needs quick actions in order to reduce the effects of climate change in a socially just way so that everyone feels a sense of ownership of the environmental policies. Ambitious environmental policies always go hand in hand with promoting social equality. 

The Left Alliance is my party because I know that everyone in this party is working tirelessly every day to promote equality and improve the everyday life of people. This work is not only about branding. On the contrary it is made up of real efforts to change societal structures so that well-being is not a privilege just for the few. 

In politics you get the best results, when you listen to a broad set of people in different environements, read up on things, prioritise and network, at times also with people from the other side of the political spectrum. One also needs resilience, to read books,  to take care of one’s personal well being with adequate amounts of rest.


  • Agriculture and Forestry Committee
  • Education and Culture Committee

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