A mo­re just to­mor­row! – tour

Join the tour for a more just tomorrow and participate in this spring’s coolest parties.

The Left alliance club tour invites you to party for a more just future. During the events you will hear Li Anderson’s thoughts about how to make Finland a more just place. You will also get to meet candidates for the parliamentary elections and listen to top musical performers.

In these parties you have the right to enjoy yourself and take joy in a more just Finland and the world. Let’s make tomorrow more just and this springs party for everyone, not just the few!

Schedule for the tour

1.2. Helsinki, Kuudes linja
22.2. Oulu
8.3. Jyväskylä
22.3. Pori
29.3. Tampere

The parties are free of charge and have a strict zero-tolerance policy for harassment, racism and discrimination.