Jus­si Sa­ra­mo

Jussi Saramo

Electoral district: Uusimaa

Email: jussi.saramo@eduskunta.fi

Telephone: 09 432 3187


Jussi Saramo (1979) is a Member of Parliament and City Councillor from Vantaa. Saramo was Minister of Education during the parental leave of Li Andersson starting in December 2020 until June 2021. The Left Alliance parliamentary group elected Saramo as chair during their summer meeting in 2021.

I think Finland needs trust in the future. Trust in the fact that our society will be built for all of us and not only for the greedy few. 

The Left Alliance is my party because it is the only party promoting genuine sustainable development – socially, economically, ecologically. It all has to be seen as a whole package where the wellbeing of people and the environment is built sustainably. 

In politics you get the best result when you combine a strong vision and ideology with hard and enduring work over a long period of time. One might often become frustrated with the slow pace of things but when looking back at past generations Finland has been an incredible success story. This success gives us a great basis to build on.

Committees and other tasks

  • Chair of parliamentary group
  • Foreign Affairs Committee

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