MP Sul­daan Said Ah­med elec­ted chair of the new Horn of Africa Group

Horn of Africa Group has been established in the Parliament of Finland.

The Parliament of Finland has established a Horn of Africa Group on 27th May 2022. Member of Parliament Suldaan Said Ahmed (Left Alliance) was elected chair of the group and Member of Parliament Inka Hopsu (Green League) was elected vice chair. In total, the group includes 28 Members of Parliament.

The purpose of the group is to advance relations between Finland and the Horn of Africa countries as well as facilitate contacts between Members of Parliament in all the countries. The group aims to support the democratic development in the Horn of Africa. It is also in contact with different actors and interest groups, e.g., diaspora representatives, from the Horn of Africa countries in Finland. The group has plans to organise an event during the up-coming autumn.

In the organisation meeting it was defined that the countries forming the Horn of Africa are Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan. The Embassies concerned will be informed of the establishment of the group.

In addition to the official activities of the Parliament of Finland, international contacts and relations are advanced by friendship groups formed by Members of Parliament. The operation of the groups is informal.

Further information:
Suldaan Said Ahmed, Chair of the Horn of Africa Group,
Inka Hopsu, Vice Chair of the Horn of Africa Group,
Matilda af Hällström, Senior Specialist of the International Department,