Eu­ro­pean Elec­tions 2024

Together, we will build a Europe that is fair and safe for all.

The voting day for the European Parliament elections in Finland is 9.6.2024.

Advance voting in Finland will take place from 29 May to 4 June 2024. Advance voting is possible at any advance polling station.


For peace and human rights.

With the rise of the far right, we need a strong left as a counterforce. Everyone has the right to live without fear. There must be a consistent fight against human rights violations and war crimes.

For nature and fair climate action.

It is our responsibility to leave a liveable and prosperous planet for future generations. The transition to a climate-resilient everyday life must be fair for all.

For a fair economy.

Everyone must make a fair living from the work they do. Fair working conditions belong to everyone. Tax evasion, money laundering and tax havens must be brought under control.

For a future for young people.

A better future is built by strengthening the well-being of young people. Mental health services, employment and livelihoods for young people must be supported across Europe.

Vote for a fair Europe for all, not for the few!