Find your can­di­da­te

The first social and healthcare elections in Finland are about how and on whose terms social and healthcare services, which are important to us all, are arranged.

We want everyone to receive help and care when they need it. We defend local services and public service production. We want to ensure that tax revenues are used for building common wellbeing, not for the profits of private companies. Employees in the sector must have proper working conditions and their wellbeing at work must be ensured.

Find your candidate for the social and healthcare elections, i.e. the county elections, from the candidate gallery. Through the candidate gallery, you can also support your chosen candidate and help us secure as many council seats as possible for leftist candidates in wellbeing services counties across the country. For many candidates, donations are an important means of funding their election campaign.

Wellbeing requires actions. Vote for the Left.

Thank you for your involvement!