Mer­ja Kyl­lö­nen

Merja Kyllönen

Electoral district: Uleoborg


Telephone: (09) 432 1

 Merja Kyllönen (1977) is a Member of Parliament from Suomusalmi. She was previously a Member of the European Parliament, Minister of Transport and biotechnician.

I think Finland needs especially forward looking policies that prioritise education and  empowering people’s know-how. 

We need to answer the challenges of changing labour markets in sustainable ways. The Left Alliance also takes the climate- and environmental crisis seriously and tackles the challenges they present in a just way considering how people can answer to the changes at hand. 

The Left Alliance is my party, because it places people and peace at the centre of its decision making.  Human values guide how we make decisions for the future in order to keep everyone on board in a just manner. 

In politics you get the best results when you read up on things, remain interested and curious, dare to look further and have the courage to challenge yourself everyday whilst remaining ready to work with everyone. Do not ever look down on other’s thoughts because even in challenging and difficult situations there may lie a seed of opportunity. It just needs the right soil to grow.


  • Grand Committee
  • Defence Committee

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