Mu­nici­pal elec­tions 2021

We work for a just, equal and free society. We are building an ecologically sustainable welfare state where everyone has equal opportunities to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  These municipal elections decide how our society recuperates from the coronavirus crisis and what happens to our welfare state and our services in the future

Left Alliance wishes to rebuild our municipalities and cities in a way that ensures the effects of the coronavirus epidemic do not fall on individual people and where equality and justice are demonstrated in practice, not just theory. Issues of climate and environment also need to be demonstrated in all municipal decision-making.


The election this summer will define the future of childcare, education, services for senior citizens and other vital public services. Join us in building a future everyone can trust.


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The decisions that come nearest our lives are made in the municipalities. We want to guarantee a that the right to a good life belongs to everybody. Find your candidate here!


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Children need equal chances everywhere in Finland, and the coronavirus epidemic cannot serve as a pretext for education cuts. A safe, equality-based school creates opportunities for all children, and quality pre-schooling increases well-being in the families and in the society.

  • Schools and daycares need to be local. Every family must be able to trust that their own neighborhood school is among the best in the world.
  • For this reason, class sizes must be maintained reasonably small. Every child needs the support they deserve, taking their special requirements into account.
  • The cycle of bullying in schools must be interrupted with efforts against bullying and violence taking place every day. Schools should be safe places of learning for all.
  • Everyone has a right to welfare at work. The best way to ensure this for staff at schools and kindergartens is sufficient personnel resourcing.


Everyone should have a chance to live a climate-friendly life in Finland, no matter their municipality. Enabling municipalities to make socially, ecologically, and financially sensible decisions makes them a part of a fair transition to climate-sustainable society.

  • Transportation needs to be easy, reasonably priced, and emission-free. We need a well-functioning, inexpensive mass transit system in the entire country, as well as better cycling opportunities and well-maintained walkways.
  • Production of ARA-funded or publicly built inexpensive apartments must be increased. Favoring wood-based construction and increasing sparsity in zoning ensures that more space can be left for trees and local nature.
  • More land should be a part of conserved areas, and efforts made to ensure natural diversity on conserved areas and forests. Forests also serve as our most important carbon sinks. Local forests give us all more air to breathe, which is why need more nature near housing and in leisure areas.
  • Moving towards a carbon-neutral Finland means replacing non-renewable energy sources with climate-sustainable, non-burning-based solutions.



Everyone is entitled to a good life, good health, and humane treatment. Well-functioning public services increase everyone’s quality of life. The health differences caused by income inequalities need to be diminished – the right to an equally good care belongs to all.

  • Getting treatment is supposed to offer help, not become a burden. Access to non-urgent care must be guaranteed in a week. Queues and user fees for health centers must be removed.
  • Municipalities need to implement a therapy guarantee, guaranteeing access to therapy or other proper similar care at least within a month.
  • Let us make homelessness history. Everyone should have a right to live in a home inexpensively.
  • A dignified old age belongs to everyone. Sufficient care of seniors must be guaranteed in care and services.
  • Everyone needs to feel safe at home. Resources for child protection and pre-emptive social work need to be increased.

Home care for children with families must be available to all, and home care services offered in each family’s own language.



Join us in guaranteeing the right to a good life for everyone – find your candidate and vote Left Alliance in the municipal elections!